OneDiaspora Group

The OneDiaspora Project (ODP) is a non-profit service and awareness organization dedicated to the fundamental belief that EVERYONE can and must play a role in making our communities and our world a better place. Through various methods, ODP works to generate support for an array of issues affecting the African Diaspora, and beyond. Our work encompasses a number of areas, with particular emphasis placed on the following concerns:

Youth Assistance Programs
ODP takes great pride in working with programs that positively impact the lives of our young people. Whether via in-school mentoring, career and lifestyle counseling, or partnering with community-based outlets, we consider our work with young people to be our primary commitment. ODP President Chris Cathcart served as a mentor for Big Brothers of Los Angeles for eight years and is a frequent speaker at schools and colleges across the nation. He also sits on the board of RISE (Reaching Inside for Self Esteem), a Washington D.C.-based youth and community assistance group.

Humanitarian Relief Efforts
The international humanitarian relief effort and the plight of African refugees are key issues for the organization. ODP is a supporter of the African Refugee Network, a leading advocacy group.

HIV/AIDS Awareness
ODP seeks to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its devastating impact in Africa and the African American community. (Cathcart sits on the board of The Black AIDS Institute, the leading HIV/AIDS policy voice in Black America). ODP is also the co-presenter of Straight To The Point, a series of panel discussions featuring heterosexual African American men sharing their heartfelt opinions on the HIV/AIDS crisis, and Visual AIDS, a program that uses independent films to help focus attention on the AIDS crisis.

Cathcart also created LEDGE, the nation’s first and only HIV/AIDS awareness magazine written by and for students at our Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In the fall of 2004, 200,000 copies hit campuses across the nation; the second issue was distributed in early 2006. The Black AIDS Institute publishes LEDGE.

Methods: Receptions, fundraisers, informative lectures/seminars, screenings, editorial submissions, and a variety of cultural exhibitions are all vehicles used to raise overall awareness and spur activity. ODP always seeks to partner with a variety of like-minded groups and individuals.

How You Can Help: Since the needs are so great – the opportunities are many; The OneDiaspora Project needs your help in:

  • Co-sponsoring awareness raising events

  • Collecting/donating goods (books, clothes, computers, medical supplies, etc.) that could be sent to areas in need

  • Helping raise funds to ship goods to areas in need; or to support other ODP efforts

  • Volunteering or helping to locate mentors for at-risk youth

  • Hosting a Straight To The Point or Visual AIDS program

  • Advertising in LEDGE

  • …among many others….

Contact Info: Please feel free to call 323/934-5551 with any questions or comments - e.mail can be sent to or mail sent to P.O. Box 36191, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

“Do what you can, with what you have.”