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Speaking about my Personal Black History - 4/28/19

Honored to give the opening remarks at the Day of Appreciation/Birthday celebration for my father, Wali Cathcart, at South Carolina's Historic Brattonsville Museum, a restored plantation where some of my direct ancestors were held as slaves. To speak on these hallowed grounds, for my dad and my family long gone was a humbling experience.

People are Talking

I had the honor of working with the HBCU-Center for Excellence in Behavioral Health several times over the past few years, including presenting a Spring 2017 webinar on Branding and Messaging to its student chapters and associates.

"Christopher Cathcart, a long time supporter of the HBCU-CFE, recently (May 2017) presented a webinar titled "Your Brand and your Message: Keys to sound Leadership ."  His webinar was extremely educational, convincing and informative as well as infused with immediate applications. He is very effective as a speaker, instructor and leader."


Eugene Herrington, PhD

Co-Project Director

HBCU Center For Excellence in Behavioral Health

Along with speaking at schools and universities across the nation, I take great pride in regularly returning to my alma mater to speak to classes and student groups. I serve as a mentor for Howard University’s journalism and public relations departments.


“I've always admired Christopher Cathcart as a man of integrity who keeps his word and truly gives back to his community and alma mater. Whenever he's in Washington, he makes it a point to visit Howard University and to share his vast expertise with our students. He employs the perfect blend of humor and reality in his down-to-earth discussions. And these aren't drive-by visits. Chris maintains contact with students, serving as a mentor, offering invaluable advice at any time on any subject, and introducing them to other professionals who can guide their careers.”


Ms. Yanick Rice Lamb
Professor of Journalism, Howard University 


"Chris Cathcart has developed a unique medium to bring to bear truth and dispel myths about HIV/AIDS through film and his dynamic interactive presentations. His work is educational, engaging, and absolutely electrifying. He has been a courageous and welcome presence on the University of the District of Columbia campus. His energetic and direct style has lasting effects as students continue to have meaningful and thought-provoking discussions long after he has gone!"


Sislena Grocer Ledbetter, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling and Student Development
University of the District of Columbia

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Remarking on my 2010 Leadership/Communications presentations for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) Dr. Lonnie E. Mitchell HBCU Behavioral Health Policy Academy Conference in Orlando, FL.


"It was great to get to watch a master at work. Watching your presentation, I was highly impressed with your fluidity, confidence, and intellect. My class was talking about you well into the next day. Kudos!"


L. Michael Gipson
Faithwalk, LLC

I often speak to journalism students at New York's famed The New School, offering messages of inspiration and professional encouragement.  


"Chris Cathcart has the unique ability to connect with everyone in the room and make them think of themselves in a much different way. He speaks to the people, not over them. When he’s done telling stories and providing motivational messages, the audience immediately wants to implement some of his concepts of changing the world, their world, for the better. His approach completely engages the audience. And there will not be a person who leaves the room without being a better human simply for listening to him speak. Cathcart is a captivating orator and an all-round good person."


Mr. Richard Huff 
Author, Journalist and Adjunct Professor of Journalism

The New School