Through OneDiaspora Consulting, I offer comprehensive media/interview training services for a wide range of public figures, from recording artists (including past clients singers Bryson Tiller, Kenny Lattimore, and songstress Keyshia Cole, among many others), to politicians and businesspersons. I provide practical, easy-to-grasp techniques that help those in the public eye develop the vital media skills necessary for success … including:


• A relaxed demeanor in front of a microphone and/or TV camera

• An “agenda” to ensure that the interview process is maximized

• Control of the interview process

• Overall confidence 

… among others


The sessions are informal and interactive, and each is tailored to meet the client’s unique needs and goals. At the conclusion, I also provide clients with a custom-designed “cheat-sheet” that he or she can use as a reminder guide for future reference. Sessions are videotaped.


The media is a tool, learn how to use it effectively. 

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Zoom, Zoom! : Online Video Sessions  Available! Use this time wisely. Reduced Rates Apply


I truly enjoyed working twice with celebrated recording artist Bryson Tiller; a great performer and wonderful person. (click here for info on BT) 

Photo Credit: Rolexx/RCA