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"What is life without a sense of mission and purpose? It took me more than three decades to truly hone into mine, though the undercurrents were always there. I am a communicator by disposition, training, and profession, and I enjoy it. People often talk about knowing your “brand,” and if we define “brand” as the characteristics that distinguish you, then mine rest on three pillars - Speaking, Teaching, and Writing. With a healthy dose of communications and brand marketing consulting tossed in for good measure.

"In terms of my work as a public speaker and communications/brand consultant, more information is available below and on the succeeding pages. However, the key point to remember is that regardless of the area of work or service, everything is done with a commitment to inspire, uplift and empower. It’s not just a business model, it’s a lifetime dedication." 


Christopher D. Cathcart, Founder

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Words from "The Greatest," artwork by Jay Durrah

Speaking, Teaching, Writing ... Communicating

Public Speaking

Few things in life give me a sense of purpose and honored privilege more than speaking before a receptive, eager audience –regardless of size, topic or background.   


I’ve had the good fortune to have spoken before countless groups hailing from college and high school students to civic and social organizations to businesses of all types. The keys are knowing your audience, knowing yourself and knowing your topic. I pride myself in always taking these concepts seriously. I look forward to helping you meet your speaking needs.

College Lecturer

Since 2005, I've had the honor of teaching some extremely talented young students at such prestigious institutions as Syracuse University and California State University, Northridge.


I was fortunate to get my teaching start at Columbia College Hollywood, a film and TV school based in the Los Angeles area.  I consider teaching the most important and rewarding work I do.

Teaching college students is often confounding, always challenging, but never boring.

Published Works

I have published two books, the most recent being HBCU Experience – The Book: A Collection of Essays Celebrating the Black College Experience which I co-edited with Tia Tyree, Ph.D.  

HBCU Experience – The Book is a collection of first-hand stories by graduates of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities covering various areas of Black College life.  

My first offering was The Lost Art of Giving Back – A Helpful Guide to Making a Difference, my effort to help others discover the joys of service.



Great to once again rep HU at an LA-area event on 4/21/22. The HBCU Bound Day hosted at Wright Middle School was a wonderful program geared to expose 8th graders to Black Colleges. There were about a dozen HBCUs in the house. Much respect to the organizers, and my buddy Brandon here, a 2007 HU grad. Looking forward to the next opportunity.